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Kitchen Appeal is a family run business with honesty and integrity as their core values. They have over 20 years of experience as craftsmen who have continued to not only satisfy their clients but consistently continue to wow each one with the precision, creativity, and excellence of the masterpieces they create. 

To say "they take pride in their work" is a drastic understatement. They are simply not satisfied until the client is delighted.

Give Kitchen Appeal the honor of serving you. When you see the results you will certainly be happy that you entrusted your dream into their capable hands.


Kitchen Appeal was founded in 2018 at which time it purchased the assets of Art Cabinets who had been providing high-quality custom cabinetry to builders and homeowners in the Waterloo Region since 2005.


Through its corporate partnerships, Kitchen Appeal provides custom kitchen and bathroom furniture to clients and home builders in the Waterloo Region.

We take great pride in our work as every single kitchen we produce and every piece of furniture we work on does not leave our shop until it meets the highest standard of excellence.


Whether we are putting together a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, the satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to do what we do with care. We value your trust to let us come and work in your home and we promise you that we are respectful, ethical and trustworthy in all our business. We believe in mutual respect and very much value you as a customer.

It is said that, "you can lie to people with words, but never with your actions". We ask that you give us the opportunity to show who we are and what we do. When we do business together, both you as our customer and us as a business, must work together for a satisfactory outcome. We strongly believe if we do business together it must be a win-win situation.


We are committed to using only the best materials for finished products that are built to last. All wood components in our cabinets are cut and finished either in our manufacturing facility or on site. Metal components, such as hinges and handles, are purchased from trusted providers, each made to withstand many years of use. We provide soft-close hinge mechanisms for all cabinets for a comparatively lower price than our competitors.