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Whether we are putting together a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, the satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to do what we do with care. We value your trust to let us come and work in your home and we promise you that we are respectful, ethical, and trustworthy in all our business. We believe in mutual respect and very much value you as a customer.


Our main business is kitchen cabinets. We have the experience and capability to deliver an excellent product in terms of both design and execution. The design software we use allows us to present you a 3D version of your project so you can see it before we start doing it so that when we deliver the final product, there are no surprises. Our shop is well equipped with experienced cabinet makers and production equipment to deliver the best quality.


For us, building closets is just a natural extension of our cabinetry production line. We don’t just offer you a few lines of closet products, but whatever you can imagine. We can make a closet look the way you dream it. Please contact us and let us help you get a beautiful, organized and well-designed closet.


Often we have clients coming to us requesting a fireplace mantel, an entertainment unit, a wall unit or a special vanity. If you have a special project in mind please contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and make it a reality.


We all normally look at a kitchen and what we are attracted to is the design, colour or the quality of installation. That’s what you see first. To us, the quality of your kitchen is also in the components you don’t see at first glance. After using your kitchen for a year or two, you will realize that the inside parts of the kitchen are very important as well. That’s why we use quality materials and accessories.

  • Doors:

We offer a wide variety of door sizes and styles. A comprehensive list and images will be uploaded to our website in the near future.

Click here to see some of the different doors styles we have available.

  • Drawers: 

During the design process, we will talk to you and explain the various options you have. We can offer designs from a very simple drawer design to a metabox or a dovetail system. We will explain to you the differences, the quality and the best quality price trade-off on your particular project. We believe you need to make an informed decision.

  • Hardware:

We only put quality hardware on our products. We do not use any hardware that doesn't meet our required standards.   

  • Hinges:

Quality products just make better sense. We use soft-close high quality hinges in all our products. 

  • Railings:

Soft-close railings are standard and quality railings are, like all our products very important to us.

There are a wide variety of railing systems we can use. Some product lines offer a life-time warranty while others don’t. Some can support a significant load and full extension of your drawer while others do not. Some are mounted on the side of your drawer while others are beneath (permitting a wider drawer design). There are so many options out there and we are committed to listen to you and explain the differences and make a recommendation for your particular project.

A catalog of products will be uploaded to our website in the near future.

  • Knobs and Pullouts:

You can go on the market and buy your own style or choose from our selection. We have trusted suppliers of knobs and pullouts. As this is hardware you can see on the cabinet’s exterior, often a cheap product will resemble a quality one. However, when you look closely and touch it, you will realize the difference. It may cost a bit more, but it is worth it. We offer our clients options and encourage them to go for the better product. 

A catalog of products will be uploaded to our website in the near future.